Healing Beyond Medicine: My Path from Academic Research to Teaching Meditation

In February 2024, I was deeply honoured to be named the Teacher of the Month by the British School of Meditation. This recognition came at a pivotal time in my journey with Meditate into Prosperity (MiP), aiming to reshape not just my own life but also the lives of those I reach. For more about my journey, visit the British School of Meditation’s blog: : February's Member Appreciation - Jingying Xu, Meditate into Prosperity (MiP) - BSOM Blog (teaching-meditation.co.uk).

My academic research since 2010 has delved into the complex challenges posed by falsified and substandard medicines in China and globally, entangled within dense economic, social, and political contexts. Alongside this, I've navigated my personal healing and growth, finding in meditation a catalyst for my growth and a deeper understanding of my mind's power and my true self.

This dual path led me to yearn for a shift from analysing problems to providing tangible solutions, particularly in mental, physical, and emotional health. It's a leap from merely diagnosing issues to embodying and sharing holistic solutions. This transition was spurred by my belief in holistic health and well-being, recognising that true healing often requires less reliance on pharmaceutical interventions and more on natural restorative processes. It’s become clear to me that our physical symptoms are often mere reflections of our mental state, mirroring our internal world in our external realities. This realisation has strengthened my resolve to follow my heart, pursue my passion, and live a purpose-driven life.

As a meditation teacher, I am dedicated to guiding others on their awakening journey. It’s a path that nurtures individual growth and contributes to a world filled with compassion, mindfulness, and unity. Together, we have the power to instigate change, cultivating environments where each individual is empowered to shine and share their unique gifts.

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