March 8th: Special Wishes to All Goddesses!

Today marks the International Women's Day. In China, the term "妇女 Women" has been affectionately replaced by "女神 Goddesses" for many years now. Apart from some official media, hardly anyone uses the word "Women" for International Women’s Day anymore 😂. It's all about the Goddesses! Sending special wishes to all Goddesses:

🌳 May you be like a tree, deeply rooted in the earth, steadfast through every storm.  愿你如树,根深蒂固,坚韧不拔。

Woman and Tree

💧 May you be like water, ever adapting with kindness, nurturing life with gentle persistence.  愿你如水,慈悲为怀,以温柔的坚持滋养生命。

Woman and Water

🌺 May you be like plum blossoms, blooming beautifully in the bitter cold of winter.  愿你如梅,在凌冽的寒冬绽放绚烂的花朵。

Woman and Plum Blossoms

🌙 May you be like the Moon, no matter what phases you go through, you are always whole.  愿你如月亮,无论经历何种阶段,始终完整。

Woman and the Moon

🌞 May you be like the Sun, shining unconditionally upon yourself and others.  愿你如太阳,无条件照亮自己,温暖他人。

Woman and the Moon

💫 May you be like the stars, forever expanding your intuitive and creative power, illuminating the universe with your unique brilliance.  愿你如星辰,永远拓展你的直觉和创造力,以你独特的光芒照亮宇宙。

Woman and Stars

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